Established in August 23rd, 1993, Urite Corporation with a capital of USD5.5 million, is one of most successful soft-ferrite core manufacturer in Taiwan. The head office is in Hsinchu, Taoyuan County, Taiwan with two plants located in Zhongshan City of GuangDong province and KunShan city in JiangSu province.     

     Urite is a company committed to producing and supplying a broad range of high-quality ferrite cores to the electronic, communication and automobile industries worldwide.

      We are one of the Taiwanese company committed to manufacturing ferrite core ,EMI shielding ferrites ,transformer ferrites ,filter toroidal ferrites, RF application ferrites.Urite is energetically stepping up its efforts in the development of improved composition to produce better and reliable products that meets customers needs and demands.We welcome your inquiries and seek your comments regarding any of the components!

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